President Trump promises to “Make America Great Again.”  His proposed budget and the actions of his agencies will make America weaker, not greater.

On Jobs
President Trump wants more jobs for Americans, particularly in areas like manufacturing, but through the Department of Education, he proposes cutting funding for job training programs and community colleges, where people could be trained for jobs in today’s factories.

On Education
President Trump says that he wants to offer parents school choice, but his proposed budget removes assistance to neighborhood public schools that are accessible to families in lower income neighborhoods where parents have no alternative choices.


On the Environment
President Trump proposes removing federal regulation on the dumping of toxic waste; at the same time his budget reduces funds for the cleanup of toxic waste sites.

On Trade
President Trump wants to grow the American economy through exports, however he does not honor trade agreements with friendly nations thus alienating them.  Trade goes both ways; by participating in trade treaties where we have a voice, we have the opportunity to speak to related issues from patents to the abuse of laborers and other human rights violations.

On Research
President Trump told the Congress that he wanted to have the U.S. excel in scientific research.  Yet his proposed budget will cut funds from the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Energy, NASA, the EPA, and many other agencies where scientific research could move us forward to a cleaner environment, cures for pandemic diseases, and other areas of innovation.

On Health7a5fa825769ec7903b7f8e61fda3349f
President Trump says he wants to offer access to affordable health insurance for all Americans. Then he should lead the Congress toward a government-based single-payer program that covers not just catastrophic illness but also all other procedures that keep Americans healthy.

On the Media
President Trump is angry with the media, but he proposes defunding National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System, among the few sources of calm and reasonably in-depth coverage of the issues.


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