mlk-health-carev2 (1)It is time for quality affordable healthcare.

Ever since the Great Depression and the Second World War, the United States has been struggling to find the best way to provide for the health care needs of its citizens. With every attempt, our government has come up with a less than ideal plan because the plan always involves insurance companies.

We must remember that an insurance company’s primary goal is to earn a profit for its shareholders. For example, the State of Illinois requires that I purchase insurance on my car. Both I and my insurance company hope that I will never be in an accident that requires the company to send me a check. Most of us very rarely or never make claims on our insurance company, and the stockholders keep smiling!

Health care is different. We are all constantly making claims for health services. We have a variety of checkups to keep us healthy and expect that health care will be available and affordable in the event of catastrophic illness. This leaves no profit for stockholders.

So what is the answer? Remove the insurance companies along with their stockholders and extend Medicaid (a federal-state partnership) to ALL Americans. Spread the cost among ALL Americans, just as has been done for years with Medicare. These are programs that work, reduce overall cost, and are equitable.

When providing health insurance is no longer employer based, workers are free to move about the country and companies are relieved of that responsibility and free to invest in their own growth.



One thought on “What does Affordable Quality Healthcare Look Like?

  1. Insurance companies won’t give up their power willingly. They will need to be part of the solution somehow, but I have no idea how this can be accomplished. In the best of all worlds, maybe the companies themselves can begin coming up with creative workable ideas for quality affordable healthcare for ALL Americans. Wouldn’t that be a first!


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