Trump_Budget_99092.jpg-4229aI’m quite distressed about the President’s budget that was unveiled today, Tuesday, 5/23/17.  As usual he offers tax cuts to the rich who don’t need it (we know from past experience that trickle-down theory does not work) and does nothing for poor people.

Many of us would be devastated if a budget is passed that makes cuts to Social Security, which we depend on. As a retired social worker, I know that many poor people would be seriously hurt by cutbacks to Medicaid, Social Security Disability and Meals on Wheels.

While Republicans and our President complain about fraud in these programs, most recipients really need them.  Many of the recipients are seniors who are too frail to work, and many are young children.  If cuts to Medicaid go through, that will be devastating to nursing homes as well, many of which provide permanent living arrangements for poor seniors who are ill.  These nursing homes have barely enough funding to survive as it is, without further cuts.

–Middle Child

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