elen 3Will our country, or the world in fact, outlast the current president of the United States?

Each day dawns with another crisis, the result of the president’s actions, behaviors, or threats.  Alliances, sustained for decades, are crumbling.  War with impoverished North Korea is a real possibility.  Budget cuts, described by many as “obscene”, threaten every essential function of our government as they relate to health, education, the environment, and civil rights.

Suspicious goings-on within Trump’s campaign and now in the White House demand scrutiny and investigation.  The possible Russian connection looms large.  Quite a few of us believe it is just a matter of time before he is impeached.  But the vigorous investigations take time.

But how much time remains before the President’s recklessness creates a crisis of no return?

–Just Sayin’

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