All of us want to make America greater than it ever has been. 

1240730_origBefore that can happen, we have to agree on a plan of action. We apparently have resources available, but our resources are not bottomless. Some have estimated that the damage to Houston may exceed 100 billion dollars. A similar amount probably will be required to repair Florida.  More than 50 inches of rain fell on Houston and there was massive destruction along the entire southeast. Nature’s fury and the hazards that exist cannot be denied.


At the same time, the administration is calling for an increase of 54 billion dollars for defense spending and severe cuts in social programs…as well as proposed tax cuts. All of us must think in terms of what our priorities should be. Our existence as a civilization may be at stake.

Perhaps we should accept the inevitable facts of science. We must recognize the changes attacking our planet and try to find solutions before it is too late. America will be greater when the entire world is greater.

— Jack

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