It’s no joke. Housing units for low-income elderly are handed out through a lottery!

“You won the lottery.” Those were the words a man heard a few months ago when he was notified that he had been awarded an apartment at the Federally subsidized 63-unit Michael J. Fitzgerald housing project on Chicago’s northwest side.

Hundreds had applied for these units from whom only sixty-three applicants would win an apartment in which to live. Nationally, there are more than ten applicants for each housing unit developed by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.  As the population continues to age, the demand increases. Yet, the number of subsidized units is not keeping up with the demand.affordable housing

The proposed Federal budget slashes millions of dollars from the sums anticipated for the expansion and maintenance of desperately needed housing units for low- and moderate-income elderly people.

Homelessness must be addressed. The elderly, the disabled, and the poor are an American social problem that cannot be ignored. Currently these people depend on a lottery to get their basic needs for housing met. What about the rest? What about those who didn’t win the lottery?


One thought on “Housing by Lottery

  1. It hasn’t always been easy finding appropriate housing through my long life, but never have I had to resort to a lottery. I would have found that so demeaning, yet thousands of people are put into this position. I would think that our “rich” nation could do better.


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