article-ufo-1216-2We all know about Unidentified Flying Objects (U.F.Os), Right? We’ve read reports of them. Friends have said that they have spotted them. Some of us have see peculiar things in the sky that we’ve wondered about. A very few of us even claim to have been sucked up into one of these strange vehicles, experimented upon, and then spit out back onto the earth.

171219092059-ufo-department-of-defense-unidentified-flying-object-full-169In 2014, some members of the navy of Chile took a video of a U.F.O that was said to be the most convincing proof of the existence of these objects that had ever been seen. After a two year investigation, the Chilean military declared it authentic.

But Chile, unlike the United States, released all their data to the public. What happened next should be a lesson to us all.

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Should have released the data, Harry Reid!

Americans are smart people. We can figure things out. We want the freedom to explore, so that we can come to our own conclusions.

— R.Z. Halleson



2 thoughts on “But I Saw One Hovering in the Sky

  1. Please note that UFO just means an “Unidentified Flying Object”, nothing more, nothing less. And until it is identified, it still is a UFO.

    That said, if an alien being or beings have enough tech knowledge to fly through billions of miles of space and enter earth’s atmosphere, they would consider us humans much too inferior to even talk to us. After all, we don’t talk to the cows wandering around the fields, do we? The comparison is real.

    So whatever object or objects are observed, they are earth-made and earth-controlled by some earth-bound human. Or they are meteors (space rocks) which must be tracked. That’s why such studies and investigations are so vital to our security.

    However, let’s just try to keep clear and level heads and concentrate on the craziness that us going on in Washington, okay?



    1. I completely agree. That’s why I think that the U.S. government is wrong to conceal any information that they have. There are scientists and others among the public that are discerning and who should be able to look at this data.


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