Photo credit DonkeyHotey on CC BYJust when you think you know how to avoid this recent outbreak of flu, we’ve learned of another strain!

This new virus apparently has stricken Republicans in Congress.  Seems it hit Republicans attending that meeting called by President Trump last week.  Fortunately Senator Durbin was immune and able to relate details of the meeting after its conclusion.

Those at the meeting, who were evidently extremely susceptible to the virus, were Republicans.  Symptoms were quite dramatic. They included loss of memory, paralysis of the vocal chords, and total collapse of the spine.  Washington has been abuzz at the results of this Party-specific epidemic.  Photo credit a href=httpsvisualhunt.comauthor6671edotisarchives4a on a href=httpsvisualhunt.comre9f1bc7Visual hunta a href=httpcreativecommons.orglicensesby2.0 CC BYaOne Republican leader who was in attendance at this meeting was heard muttering hoarsely to someone that he disagreed with what the President had said.  Nothing more has been heard from him to date!

We can only hope these victims will be helped to recovery by what remains of ObamaCare.  We also fervently hope that others of their party do not succumb to this virus in the weeks and months ahead.

There is hope.  Medical researchers are quite sure they have found the carrier.

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–Just Sayin’

7 thoughts on “ANOTHER Virus???

  1. Love it! “Just Sayin’ has a quick wit and her comments are timely, especially with other strains of flu going around, although the one “Just Sayin’ describes is a particularly virulent strain. I don’t believe a cure has been found, and I don’t know if a currently developed vaccine would help reduce symptom severity.



  2. Those of us who are my age (80+) have been around long enough to remember quite a number of massive world upheavals in the past. We are truly frightened by this buildup in our own nation toward another one. It seems like eras of world peace are becoming fewer and fewer. Our scientists and other researchers are learning so much in so many areas of our life. WHY can’t the American people elect individuals to political office who are actually intelligent and thoughtful rather than narcissistic and un-bright???


  3. It is imperative is to rid ourselves of gerrymandering and Citizens United. Only chance to avoid having purchased shills of special interests in Congress. The term “public service” is applicable to some who are there, but it should apply to all.


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