Bullet Wounds by the AR-15 are Different

Heather Sher, a radiologist, describes the path of a low-impact bullet through an organ like the liver as “a linear, thin, grey bullet track” with “bleeding and some bullet fragments.” She had seen many such wounds, and unless the bullet passes through a vital organ such as the heart or through the aorta, the victim’s life can usually be saved.

Sher was on duty at the trauma unit when the victims of the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida were brought in. These wounds were different. They were from high velocity bullets from an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle.

  • An organ penetrated by a high velocity bullet destroys the organ so that there is nothing left to repair. The wound is fatal.
  • The tissue next to the path of the bullet is pushed away by the energy of this bullet, and when it settles back, it is damaged beyond repair. Sher describes it as looking like “an overripe melon smashed by a sledgehammer with extensive bleeding.”
  • Exit wounds can be as large as an orange.
  • Most victims of an AR-15 die immediately with no chance of survival.

How the AR-15 Became Mass Shooters’ Weapon of Choice

It’s all about the money folks:ar-15-america-killing-machine-gun-control-e7b58cbf-1c42-44ba-acee-f251e636e4d9

  • The total retail market for civilian assault rifles is likely more than $1.4 billion.
  • “A single AR-15 round can cost anywhere from 30 cents to a dollar or more.”

The deadly spin needed to protect this market:

  • Consider your man-card reissued.
  • We can’t get sued.
  • It’s a modern sporting rifle.
  • America’s best defense against terror and crime.
  • Mix and match parts of the gun.
  • The next best thing to enlisting.
  • It’s America’s rifle.

    Even a child can shoot it.

The owners of these weapons are, almost without exception, men. They are being played by the gun industry, and they cannot admit it.  …And this customizable weapon now accounts for nearly one in five guns sold in America.





Is effective, honest-to-goodness gun control finally more than a dream long sought?
It has been decades since those of us who have marched, rallied, fund-raised, and petitioned for a cause we believe is at the core of our country:  the safety of those in our
land to live without the fear of outlaw gun owners who hide behind the Second Amendment.

Perhaps the anger unleashed by the latest horrific assassination of 17 high school students in Florida signals a change.  We all grieve, we all send thoughts and prayers to the victims and their loved ones.  But it seems to me that the focused rage displayed by the students who survived may impact Congress and State Houses.  What politician dare answer these articulate, impassioned young people with their usual benighted
cliches?  May these students prevail when they shout, “We will not allow this carnage to continue!”

–Just Sayin’



Doing What is Right

I just hope they will be effective and get through to lawmakers who can be quite stubborn, preferring to get NRA money than do what they must know is right.

–Middle Child



One thought on “GUNS: Getting Serious….

  1. I think the problem is the ease with which a young person can obtain such a weapon. He or she can’t buy alcohol products or cigarettes if underage but has no difficulty getting a gun. That’s what must STOP!


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