Never before…

has your Primary Election vote been more critical to our lives as Americans.  On March 20 Democratic candidates have an excellent chance to regain control of the House of Representatives, if current polls are accurate.  That would open the door for the Democratic Party to begin Impeachment proceedings to rid our country of its greatest danger, Donald Trump.  Our Constitution states the the House presents the Articles of Impeachment and the Senate votes either to convict or not.

Let’s do all we can to take this opportunity to wake up on March 21 with at least the hope of taking our country back to sane, respected, and intelligent governance.

–Just sayin’


Voting may be difficult, but it can be made easier: Click this image for suggestions:


Because, as we all know:


Check the Canadian view. Click image:
Not so different from ours, right?


Also, voting is a way to honor those who really cared:

Record Group 306
Records of the U.S. Information Agency, 1900-2003

So, please join me and all the other good people on election day, March 20, 2018, make your choices, and proudly wear the sticker:


Thank you so much.


2 thoughts on “NEVER BEFORE…

  1. I know that primaries are notorious for having low turnouts – I hope that those of us in Illinois will change that pattern by voting no later than next Tuesday, March 20th. Those readers who don’t live in Illinois – I hope you will find out about voting in your own state, including the date for the primary and information about the candidates.

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